May 6, 2013

DIY for a H&M dress!

What you need:

stripped dress, diy, diy idea, diy dress

O rochie simpla de la H&M 
1. A classic striped dress from H&M 
(I bought a classical dress at a very affordable price, just 10 €)

Cordon rosu, ata de cusut argintie si ciucurasi rosii 
2. Red cord, sewing silver and red tassel 

stripped dress, diy, diy idea, diy dress

Un pic de răbdare pentru a coase 
3. A bit of patience to sew!!!

Hi girls!

I like the word "love", I saw it everywhere,
in bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc., 
but it's still a beautiful word that expresses what we all want in this world, 
so why not continue to use it.



  1. I love DIY ;) really great results ;) Come to me, on my blog is DIY jeans shirt now ;)



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