August 19, 2012

Eat a watermelon in a Stradivarius dress

Hi! We are in the middle of august and it's the best time to eat watermelon. Today,  is the perfect moment to do something different and to invite your friends in a place where you can eat an watermelon and chat with them.

Searching on the internet to see some watermelon places, I encountered a spanish site called 'sandia fashion'. What this is mean? It's mean that the watermelon was embellished, became more beautiful and tasty. The new type of watermelon is without seeds and a better taste. Funny!!!
Here is the web site:

Reading this, I thinking, if the watermelon is fashion, why we can't be fashionable when we eat it. For this reason, I left my shorts and I dressed up a Stradivarius dress and a H&M sandals, and I went to meet some friends for a watermelon evening.

 Here are some tricks&tips about watermelon:

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  1. sweet patterned dress xo
    would you like to follow each other?


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